"Discoveres the joy in my life"

"I am so happy to be able to consult with Angeli who is truly blessed with the gift of healing. I have been to many different counsellors and therapists over the years but the one piece that I realise was missing all along was the spiritual dimension. Angeli’s approach to wellness is truly holistic and a beautiful blend of working with body, mind and spirit to facilitate the integration of these dimensions for total health through connectedness to our deeper selves. Through guided meditations, chakra alignment, yoga and crystal healing, Angeli has helped me to see many of the deeper issues that I have needed to address but have managed to consistently ignore or push away. The emotional release that I have experienced during many of these sessions has been quite extraordinary and unexpected. Some things that I have held onto for years have either disappeared or started to diminish. While I still have many areas to work on I really feel that my true spirit has been reawakened and I feel more grounded and confident. I can honestly say that I am enjoying this journey of self discovery and with Angeli walking alongside and guiding me through the process, I feel able to open my heart fully and trust that all will be well."   – Jane



"Thanks THEO! climbing the ladder of success with confidence now"

"I started with meditation at Theo only a few weeks ago, but i already feel the diference in my behavior. I’m learning to hear me, know me and the most important thing to respect and accept me as I am All of us have the power to be happy, but sometimes we need help to found the way. Theo, Angeli are helpping me on that. Thank you very much Angeli"    – 



"THEO is a safe space to share your emotions and I always leave with a lighter heart"

 "Through THEO I have been able to deal with everyday problems with a positive attitude. Angeli goes above and beyond meditation, she also checks in on clients outside of their session times-which really shows her care toward each and every client. THEO is a safe space to share your emotions and I always leave with a lighter heart." – Anya



"Learnt holistic parenting, inculcated more love with children "

"Angeli is a genuine healer. Actually, it was my first time to come and get healing sessions, so at the beginning of those, I didn’t know how I feel and change from healing, but I could feel relaxed and release my stucked emotion with each session.
Angeli encouraged my way of life with healing and meditation, and I remember her clear eyes even now, whenever I saw her eyes, I felt very calm and something great energy. THEO has yoga classes as well, and I get calm and comfortable
vibe from the studio and I like it. Angeli always welcomed my 2 and 4yo children, that was super helpful for me, because I could come to her with my kids, didn’t worry to give my kids staying with maid.  Angeli definetely inspired me a lot ever.
Thank you so so much." – 



"Love the professionalism of the trainer"

"When I started yoga and pilates four months ago I was beginner and never tried yoga before that. Teachers are so professional that they took notice about my level as a beginner and later my developing skills. They also know how to keep on practicing safely even I had pphysical injuries. Booking yourself for class is easy and you can do it by e-mail, phone call or whattsapp. When you are not able to get yourself for a class it’s also easy to inform same way than you do booking. I would be happy to recommend Theo Living yoga studio."- Irina



''Named my child Theo''

"The fertility yoga program was more than just poses that prepared and nurtured my womb.  For me, with the customized guidance by Angeli, each class gave me peace and clarity - two significant elements I lost after my two miscarriages.  After I became pregnant, Angeli guided me through transcending meditations that helped me visualize a healthy, happy baby growing inside of me.  This visualization exercise alone, was enough to put my mind at ease whilst helping me to be confident that I can carry a baby full term naturally, despite doubts by the medical community here in Thailand.  9 months later...we now have a healthy and happy baby Theo just as we visualized him to be." - Cecilia





"Visualization and faith do have power to create miracles. Theo helped me realize that"

"My husband and I had been trying to start a family for almost two years before I came across the Theo program. When I started the Theo fertility program I was a bit skeptical, but 4 months after I joined the fertility program at Theo, I got pregnant!! Taking part in the program made me more energetic, helped me take more positive actions to get pregnant, and really helped me develop the intent and energy I needed to work on my fertility. I participated in yoga class twice a week, and with a bit of advice from the Theo program I changed my diet completely. Meditation also helped me to visualize pregnancy and my future baby, and try to reduce my stress while also building up positive energy. So Theo is a place for you to understand yourself and to become more active toward what you want to get" - Yuri



"The power of visualization to manifest a miracle"
My husband and I feel so blessed to the Universe for connecting us to Angeli at a timing that was most right for us. Through visualization meditation, chakra alignment and crystal healing. Angeli has helped me manifest my most precious desire to become pregnant again, following a miscarriage a few months ago. Through emotional release, the guided positive imagery helped my mind see pregnancy and create it. Three months later, I am now pregnant again with my beautiful , happy healthy baby. Angeli helped me visualize in my dreams. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Angeli for your positive energy, your amazing spiritual and emotional support, your constant care, and most of all, for sharing your light - Isabelle and Pierre



"Feels great to overcome autoimmune disease by forging a loving relationship with my own body"

"Thank you Angeli, thank you Theo for the spiritual sanctuary you have provided for me. Thank you for all the wonderful sessions you have with me that nourishes my soul and enhances my spiritual growth. Through my series of sessions with Angeli, be it journaling and meditation or the chakra balancing yoga classes I have experienced a couple of A-ha moments which helped me rise above many unresolved issues that I have been struggling with for 8-10 years of my life. It was and is one of the most empowering journey in my life. I am very grateful to the universe for connecting me to her and Theo. Life is a journey for all of us....along the way there are challenges to overcome and to rise above - I believe that whoever we are - we all need tools to help us stay grounded amenough to achieve it. As a doctor who believes in holistic approach for complete well being I would highly recommend Angeli's approach in achieving body, mind, and spiritual well being here at Theo."-Dr.Nilanart




"Learnt how alignment of body, mind and soul works wonders for our wellbeing"

"Ancheli Jagota is one of the foremost Spiritual healers of our time. I have attended Ancheli's Chakra Yoga classes for around 18 months and can honestly say that they are life changing. Ancheli's confidence in yoga and its ability to heal is extremely inspiring and instills that same deep confidence in her clients. I always leave Ancheli's Chakra Yoga classes  feeling balanced and centered and light. I cannot recommend her highly enough."- Teresa


Aura Scan

”The transformation occurred after the scan was profound. I didn’t understand why my body was unusually stiff. I was unable to breath properly and have a constant headache. After a session with Angeli, I discovered my blocked chakras that I didn’t notice before due to the changes in my life. She gave a suggestion that was easy to do in order to help open the blocked chakras. Within a few minutes of doing what she told me, I felt that I was able to breathe again! That night I had a powerful dream and upon waking up I understood what the knot in my heart that was causing my headache and the immobility to my body was. Then after accepting my personal issue that was buried deep down in my sub-conscious mind, the knot disappeared. Thank you Angeli! “-Natvara Hongsuwan.

Soul Mapping 

“Angeli is such a humble and modest but incredible as a counselor , healer and yoga instructor who had been guided me to my inner strength and the unconscious area that made me recognize the tremendous power of my inner self and trust myself that I could heal by own my will.  I've been transformed amazingly during those soul mapping sessions. Soul mapping sessions were not only just turning point but also unbelievable breakthrough for my life which could be totally changed by being healthy , mentally healed from all the past stress and troubles even serious health issue. I can only say that I feel so grateful to have a chance to join this wonderful journey and deeply appreciate to my amazing life coach , Angeli !”- Yeona


Chakra Balancing Yoga

“I confess here, I wasn't a fan of yoga at all. In my idea, yoga was not easy training and needed lots of technical poses and flexibility only. But truly in Theo classes I found the connection to my mind and body that brought me incredible heal energy, love and resolved my own medical issue even doctors gave up. This is the right place you can be healed , stronger and find your inner power also will experience the transformation of your mind and body beautifully.” - Yeona