Empower Yourself Workshop


Now the time has come when every woman may remember who she truly is: powerful and yet soft, warm, wise and loving. We will get balanced while kneading away tension, and sharing beautiful quality time with our sisters. The womb, possibly the least talked about organ, yet one of the most powerful one which bridges heaven and earth, spirit and matter. One which connects us to our wisdom, passion and pleasure. It is our power centre. The seat of our intuition. The garden of our creativity. It is divine. It is sacred. Not only does this sacred space within us have the ability to birth new life, but this magical portal can create and birth our dreams and manifestations into reality.




A 3 days / 5 days workshop for women with sharing, healing, fun, empowering rituals and celebration of our feminity.

Activities include:

• Self-reflection

• Relationship development/improvement

Yoga, Meditation, Sharing our Talents, Dance, Learning, Leadership, and Supporting other Women maintaining balance and purpose in daily life. This workshop will take you on a journey to deeply soothe your nervous system. You will be reconnected to the wisdom of your heart. Clarifying, intuitive soul coaching will enable you to become more selective about how you invest your time and energy, and more receptive to life’s magical opportunities. Your back-to-life wellness coaching session will inspire you to respect your rhythms  as a woman, and continue to create rituals in your life that enable you to sit in your power and live your potential fully.








10th - 12th June

10th – 14th June

(10 am – 2 pm)




We’ll be at Akyra Thonglor  ( Thonglor soi 8  Bangkok , Thailand )



For whom

For women who want to reclaim the vibrant power of their creativity, their life.

For women who are ready to take full responsibility by owning their own shit and empowering themselves, ready to shine their lights.

All ages, all stories, all experiences are welcome.

Travel inwards to connect with the wisdom of your own divine spirit with a group of soul centered women.






By whom

Angeli Jagota is a Yoga Alliance registered international teacher trainer and author of the widely acclaimed, bestselling book on spiritual sexuality - The Intimacy Protocol. She is a versatile yoga professional, a renowned holistic innovator, life trainer, an articulate wellness counsellor, a spiritual philosopher and a certified kids yoga specialist. 

For her unique women empowerment initiatives such as Goddess Yoga Teacher Training, Womb Healing, Soul Mapping and Fertility Yoga, Angeli is often lovingly addressed as 'Eve-Angelist'. She has been actively conducting women empowerment-centric practice yoga programmes, workshops, trainings, retreats and seminars. In these events Angeli has been helping womenfolk heal their bodies, turbulent relationships, infertility issues, emotional breakdowns, mother-child issues and family planning among a plethora of other issues. 

Angeli simplifies problem-solving in life's day to day situations - across genders, across age groups, across nationalities, across social statuses, across faiths, across all discriminatory boundaries drawn by man.








3 course vegetarian meal cooked with love and attention.




Please send email to info@theoliving.com or call/text at 0847351756




3 Days

12,000 THB

5 Days

18,000 THB


**Please email us for the the next Empower Yourself Workshop