“Our dreams do not have an expiry date “

The need for a more holistic/spiritual marketing is so essential in today’s world.A spiritual-based business doesn't always jive with the more traditional marketing approaches used by mainstream businesses.Fulfilling success will develop by sharing tips for connecting to the inner-self .

We will #connect,#communicate and #create with the secrets of #chakras to reignite the #powerofprofession.
You will learn

- To channel your internal awareness into your business .
- To provide a simple spiritual take on everyday life topics .
- To share insights on how spirituality personally helped you to reveal a more vulnerable side, which is a powerful marketing tool.
-To provide a clear description of core beliefs so people can determine if it aligns with them personally.
- Unfold the unique gifts that the universe have given you in this lifetime .


Price :4,800 THB (Lunch included)

Date : 17th December 2018

Time : 10am - 2pm 

Venue : Akyra Thonglor

For booking please email : info@theoliving.com