Celebrate Womanhood!

-Womb Healing-


Are you feeling

heavy or just out of control? physically ,emotionally and mentally drained?


Heal your self through 


Hip Movements

Love ’em or hate ’em, hip movements are soooo good for you, physically, mentally and energetically. It is a way to cleanse the body and welcome renewal.

Spinal flexes

It help release deep insecurities that might be decades old. Beginning to release these insecurities on a physical level can spark an incredible emotional transformation.


The way you breathe is the way you live. Breathing is absolutely essential to life.Breathing fully and freely is our birthright.

Eye gazing

The eye is the window to our soul. It serves as a journey of exploration of excitement and healing of emotions.

Womb ceremony ritual

Clearing out the past lovers imprints, subconscious patterns, suppressed emotions & psychic debris in your field.





During this retreat you will learn and practice yoga, meditation and other wellness techniques to help reconnect with your wild feminine energy, creating the life that you love. This retreat is for all ladies who feel low on energy, unclear about their life’s purpose and would like to improve their female health.





Price : 2,200 Baht (Lunch included)

Date and Time : Please email to check  at info@theoliving.com

Venue : 11th Floor Akyra Thonglor Hotel ( Thonglor soi 8 )