• 22 March 2017 at 12:27
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The founder of Theo Living, Angeli is a dynamic personality, who through her strict health regimen and an absolute devotion to practices holistic modalities herself, treating her body as a temple, has successfully exhibited the advantages of practicing a daily fitness time table comprising exercises and practices to hone and tone her body, mind and soul. The radiance on her as yet cherubic face and the untold energy in discharging all her daily activities has led her peers and contemporaries to term her an otherworldly ‘Angel’. Aside from her divine demeanour and a supple physique, Angeli is also known for her tremendous healing sessions. The prolific healer that she is, Angeli has close to 5 years behind her in various types of healing. The versatile Angeli has also aced the art of getting the tiny tots on the mat with years of experience in teaching Yoga to the kids, rubbing her unbridled healing charm, effervescent divine energy and relentless enthusiasm even on the young ones. The smiling face, readiness to help spread happiness across humanity and kind deeds of philanthropy make the founder of the holistic centre a stand out individual for her inspiring existence, wearing many caps of excellence, to which she continues to add numerous feathers of virtuousness every day.